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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pictures of Berlin - World Championship 2006

All of Berlin is captured by the fever of the World Championship 2006. So many new buildings and funny objects have been placed all around the city - especially in the center.
The Fernsehturn has been painted as a football. Although the game are in many German cities the spirit of the world champtionship can be seen and felt very intensively in Berlin.

Loads of tourists are i nthe city from nations all over the world. Luckily the weather is perfect right now. We had enjoyed the worst summer so far up to June 10th (and the coldest also). But right with the opening of the games the weather suddenly switched to "summer mode" to welcome all the guests. There are many Brazlians in town. You see Brazilian flags all over. (Pictures coming soon).

Now throughout the championship I'll be posting new pictures regularly - as I can stay in Berlin through most of the championship.

Stay tuned.


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