Pictures of Germany

This blog shows pictures from my trips through Germany.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Berlin in December 2005

This picture was taken in December 2005 when there were some heavy snowfall in Berlin - which is a rare occurence.If you have more pictures of Germany - especially of locations in Germany not so well known - feel free to post them and link to them in your comments.

Pictures of a German Biergarten

Biergarten is something that is very famous in Germany. Basically it is an open air bar where people sit at wooden tables with 6-10 people and drink beer. Usually the large version called "Mas" which is a one liter glass.These pictures were taken in the largest Biergarten in the center of Berlin.

Needless to say that this is only for summer:-)

Pictures of Germany

Pictures of Germany is my personal collection of pictures that I have taken on my trips through Germany. I will try to keep the pictures sizes reasonable and maybe later put the HQ-Versions on a specific photo site. If you have traveled Germany recently and have nice pictures of Germany you would like to post feel free to do so. If you have comments on the places and pictures in Germany feel free to post them.